Dark Arx

Fledgling bass imprint Dark Arx Recordings bring good news this week of their second release following the praise of their interesting initial EP from Binary Sequence. Once again exploring the fringes of the dubstep, techno and bass scenes the second release, 'Blood Vein' by label head Dark Arx takes inspiration from Detroit techno and blends his roots with today's shape shifting bass scenes delivering something quite unique, only closely comparable to Scuba or Peverelist. Check out the EP previews below along with a Podcast mix by Dark Arx of older techno and modern bass that continues its evolution. 'Blood Vein' by Dark Arx is available on Dark Arx Recordings from May 3rd.

Dark Arx - 'Blood Vein (EP Steam)' //Dark Arx ♫
Dark Arx - 'Dark Arx Podcast 3' //Dark Arx ♫


Lucy & Ercolino - 'So The Nothing Grows Stronger (Dadub Tool)' //Stroboscopic Artifacts
Peverelist - 'Valves' //Punch Drunk
Dark Arx - 'Blood Vein' //Dark Arx Recordings
Asusu - 'Small Hours' //Project Squared
Instramental - 'Futurist' //Naked Lunch
Scuba - 'Aesaunic' //Hot Flush
A Made Up Sound - 'Sun Touch' //A Made Up Sound
UR - 'Base Camp Alpha' //Underground Resistance
Basic Channel - 'Q1.2' //Basic Channel
Marcel Dettman - 'Subzero (Sandwell District Remix)' //Ostgut
Mikkel Metal - 'Kenton (Marcel Dettman Remix)' //Echocord
Dark Arx - 'Streak' //Dark Arx Recordings
Maurizio - 'M06A (Edit)' //M-Series
Frank Martiniq - 'My Visor' //Stroboscopic Artifacts
Dark Arx - 'Argent & Sable' //Dark Arx Recordings
Dark Arx - 'Vapour II' //Unreleased
Binary Sequence - 'Arc' //Dark Arx Recordings