Justice For All

Hello music fans, just bringing news on the greatest Justice competition to ever see the light of day. On offer is the chance to spend an all expenses paid New Years Eve in Chicago's Revolution Number 9 in the company of Justice & So Me! Theres over $6000 in prizes available to entrants including limited edition merchanise and even Ca$h money!!! So for your chance to win big all you've got to do is enter the competition by getting creative and submitting a short film/video clip of yourself or whatever you like to show the world what was 'Great in '08', and follow these steps.

1.) Go to Industreate, and sign up.

2.) Creat your Video/Short Film of 'What Was Great In '08.

3.) Upload the video to Vimeo and most importantly tag it with “JST4ALLANDELECTRICZOO” (Just to throw a bit of love back our way!)

For more information on prizes, the judges etc.. check out these sites.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
sooooo bored with justice...I can't be the only one, I loved them when they first came out and then when the album finally came out it was amazing but their sound is outdated now and no longer exciting and really at this point kind of sickening...maybe alot of people are hearing it for the first time? I don't know but as far as I'm concerned it's old news...really..really old news.