Clocking In

Sorry again for my part time blogging these days.. but anyway here's the latest installment. First up I wanna spread the word on a new exciting duo coming from the my own Motherland.. Wales! Chesus & Rodski (Formerly of the Skinny White Boys) have been working their arses off recently producing lots of new tunes. They also recently been getting some well deserved attention from Radio 1 who have caught on to their tracks, so its about time you guys did to. Here's a few of my favourites below along with their latest mix, and be sure to check out their Soundcloud page for even more tracks!

New label Tragic Magic run by none other than Trevor Loveys and Affie Yusuf have just released their second record the 'Fakers/Wiggle It EP' which proves just why this label should be on everyone's one to watch list. Check out the medley of the release below and as bonus here's a full track from the duo 'Tear Up London'. 'Fakers/Wiggle It' is out now on Tragic Magic and available from Phonica and Beatport.

On The Brink Recordings have signed new talent Raffertie to their roster and his new EP 'Do That/Boy Better Know' is gonna be dropping soon with 4 club smashers. Raffertie also has 2 other EPs forthcoming on Planet Mu and Seclusiasis. But while you wait for them check out a couple of the tracks from his forthcoming EP on On The Brink Recordings.

An Electric Zoo favourite Wongo has been in touch with this brand new track, from his side project Pow! Pow! which he works on with fellow Aussie DJ Raye Antonelli. Obviously this is a kinda different direction to his usual wonky stuff but I'm really feeling this take on a classic!

Again another blog regular now Techjio has sent over a batch of his latest tunes, a bouncing banger of an A1 Bassline remix and of course a brand new track from the dude himself.

Lastly here's a mixtape from Boston's one to watch B. Rich, this guy is tight with the likes of Palms Out Sounds and the Trouble & Bass posse so you can expect some serious heavy bass here!


Destroy Disco - 'Hello'
Scott Cooper & Andy George - 'Jump & Twist'
Warboy - 'Londons Gettin Dirty (Kelevra Remix)'
Blatta & Inesha - 'Blow Up (Hijack Remix)'
MC Flipside - 'Rubdown (Heavyfeet 'Jack in the Day' Remix)'
Messinian - 'Throw It Away (Designer Drugs Remix)'
Kelevra - 'Funkstick (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Machines Don't Care - 'Afrojacker'
B. Rich - 'Ain't Here To Party feat Whiskey Pete'
Fake Blood - 'Blood Splashing'
Foamo - 'Everything Cool'
Kidda - 'Under The Sun (Herve Remix)'
N*E*R*D - 'Antimatter (Destroy Disco Remix)'
Alan Braxe - 'Addicted'
Tommie Sunshine - 'Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remake)'
Phonat - 'Learn To Recycle (4 To The Floor Mix)'
Mephisto Odyssey - 'Bump (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)'
Rico Tubbs - 'Hot Girls Dope Boys (Bassline VIP)'
Micky Slim - 'Hit The Club (Stupid Fresh Remix)'
Little Jinder - 'I Like It Casual (AC Slater Remix)'
B. Rich - 'Can't Take What I Got'
AC Slater - 'Jack Got Jacked (B. Rich Remix)'
Body Snatchers - 'Call Me feat Sporty-O & Yolanda (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Shwayze - 'Buzzin (AC Slater Remix)'
DJ Kue - 'Lovers Break (Breakdown Remix)'
Drop The Lime - 'I Want 2 Know'
Foamo - 'Rockerman'
Rusko - 'Cockney Thug'
B. Rich - 'Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix)'
Botz & Flydrums - 'Lock'
Benga - '26 Basslines'
DZ - 'Down'
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Both the Tragic Magic links are the medley!!
Heres the Tear Up London tune...

Blogger RJ said...
sorry bout that. fixed now!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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