You Say Potato, I Say House

Shab Ruffcut has been back in touch again with even more brand new tracks that hes been working on with production pal Trevor Loveys. So soon after even mentioning the duo's projects he brings news of yet another release on the works, the Potato House EP this time on Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music Label. Check out the two samples below for brand new tracks 'Potato House' and 'Jack Da Ripper' which should be released in December/January so look out.

The Machines Don't Care project is releasing its first single from their successful debut album. 'Beat Bang' is set to be released next month along with remixes from Action Man, Mujava and this roasting remix from Trevor Loveys. To get a full 320k mp3 of this track sign up to the Machines Don't Care mailing list now by clicking HERE.

Konrad from the Old Money Crew has also sent out some his latest exploits.. namely an unofficial Wale remix project featuring 3 Konrad remixes and also this fine MIA remix bundled with a brand new track from Old Money themselves for you guys to check out.

Wongo has a new release out on Idiot House Records. 'The Shrimp EP' features 2 brand new Wongo tracks 'Shrimp' and 'Didge' backed with remixes from Acid Jacks and Clark Able. Mr Able was kind enough to send a promo our way for you guys to check out, and as a further bonus heres another track Wongo has sent over for the blog. 'The Shrimp EP' by Wongo is out now on Idiot House Records, so be sure to check Beatport for the full release in all its 320kbps glory.

California's Mom & Dad has also been back with a basstastic brand new track to share 'Kill Your Parents' and yes it is as lethal as it sounds.

HeavyFeet have been extra generous to us this week with 3 brand new tracks which they giving away for free! "'She Got It' is on a US House vibe, 'We Gettin Crunk' leans towards energetic Bassline, and finally 'One Last Time', a more standard club/ravey number'". If thats not enough for you greedy lot they've also done a pretty meaty new mix with Exclusive mixes and edits from the guys themselves. The duo are set to go into studio hibernation over the next couple of weeks to work on 4 new EPs so this is more than enough to tide us over until then! Enjoy.


CJ Reign & Proton - 'Go To The Floor'
Gella - 'Chi Kaa Chi Koo'
Johnny Fiasco - 'Conduction'
Two Lone Swordsmen - 'Shack 54 (Frogs In Socks Remix)'
Speaker Junk - 'Run The Track'
Vukasin & Ruffcut - 'Understand (Natty Jack Remix)'
Groove Allegiance - 'Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix)'
HeavyFeet - 'Drop The Beat'
Filthy Dukes - 'Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver $ Remix)'
Affie Yusuf & Trevor Loveys - 'Insects'
Sexual Chocolate - 'Ass Backwards (HeavyFeet Remix)'
Nadastrom feat. Blaqstarr - 'Tween U & Me'
HeavyFeet - 'Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix)'
3 Is A Crowd - 'Take It Back (HeavyFeet VIP)'
Nadastrom - 'Pussy'
Busy P feat. Murs - 'To Protect & Entertain (Crookers Remix)'
Mr. Oizo - 'Flat Beat'
Zinc feat. Foreign Beggars - 'Move'
The Count & Sinden - 'Hardcore Girls (HeavyFeet Remix)'
Gella feat. Spyda - 'Twinkle (Baobinga & ID Remix)'
HeavyFeet - 'We Gettin' Crunk'
Rico Tubbs - 'New Flava'
Richard Dolby - 'The Origin' Pirate Soundsystem - 'Pum Pum Head'
ID - 'Flay'
TRG - 'Killed It Dead (Emalkay Remix)'
Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano feat. Karen Danzig - 'How Am I?'
Axwell - 'I Found U (High Contrast Remix)'
Cabbie - 'Heavy Duty'
Danny Byrd - 'Shock Out VIP'
Benga & Coki - 'Night (Zinc Remix)'
HeavyFeet - 'Rude Bwoi (WT Remix)'

To finish the post heres another new mixtape, the latest November mix from HiJack. Jon has also let me know that Dan and himself will no longer be working together on the HiJack projects. Jon will carry on solo with future HiJack projects, while Dan will also be producing his own solo work with releases coming on Jack Union soon, so best of luck to both them with their future projects!


Milton Channels - 'You Lose'
Nyra - 'Tongue'
House of Stank - 'Make U Jack (Santiago & Bushido Remix)'
Urban Monkeys - 'Disfunktional Caterpillar (The Bulgarian Remix)'
Jak Z - 'Untitled'
Mighty Fools - 'Hey Babe'
Lee Mortimer - 'No Ordinary Girl (HiJack Remix)'
Alternative Reality - 'Get Away (Rene Van Munster Remix)'
MYNC Project - 'Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix)'
Yankee Zulu - 'Head Bob (Hipp-e Remix)'
HiJack - 'Keep It Real'
Bingo Players - 'Get Up (Diplo Remix)'
Mr. Oizo - 'Half An Edit'
Hatiras - 'Autograph'
The BodySnatchers - 'I Like What I See (HiJack Remix)'
MC Flipside - 'The Rubdown (Heavyfeet Remix)'
Lee Mortimer - 'Putto'
Tom EQ - 'I Need You'
Jaymo - 'On The Grind (Jak Z Remix)'
Laidback Luke & A-Trak - 'Shake It Down'
D*Funk - 'Fracture (HiJack Remix)'
Unknown - 'Unknown'
Unknown - 'Unknown'
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Does anyone have an id for the second last track?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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