Do You Like Night Bus?

Tasty mix here from Acephale and Paper Bag Records's CFCF who give us 'Do You Like Night Bus?' a slow, dark and moody dabble in the chopped N screwed or drag house genre or whatever other names name you want to throw at it. Very impressive work with lots of unreleased material from CFCF himself.

CFCF - 'Do You Like Night Bus?' // (Via The Fader) ♫


Aaliyah - '4 Page Letter Remix'
Trap Or Die Aguirre/Go/Push Upstairs Suite
Kingdom - 'Pathfinder'
Instra:Mental - 'Watching You'
Ciara - 'Ride (Night Bus Remix)'
The-Dream - 'Make Up Bag (Screw)'
Prgz - Rollin (DJ Ayres Remix)'
Bun B - 'Draped Up Remix'

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