Watch My Feet

Hey all, just enough time for a quick update this week! First up are the HeavyFeet boys, who were only mentioned on the blog not so long ago and now have their debut release on Potty Mouth Music on the horizon! The boys have also fantastically remixed a track for Geoff K which you can get at Junodownload now, but the 'Sick Like That EP' from HeavyFeet featuring Switch MC is what you should really be licking your lips for! The 'Sick Like That EP' by HeavyFeet is digitally released on the 3rd Of March on Potty Mouth Music and available from Junodownload, Beatport or Stompy, with a vocal mix, dub and Remix from Santiago & Bushido.

This next track comes from an old friend of mine, who's been mixing, producing and blogging for a long time and now with a new name, hes back with a new sound. Honeymoonchild's debut, the beautifully titled 'Loose Lips Sink Ships' is going to be released on ESP records (also home to Nic Sarno) and hopefully available this month, backed with a remix from Italian Love Supreme. In the meantime have a listen to Honeymoonchild's track 'Moneymaker' and check out his blog for more honeymoonchild.net

Thanks again to the great people at Fabric for yet another awesome promo. Fabric Live 39 sees the Cut N Paste Captain, DJ Yoda take the helm for their legendary compilation series. Ive always been a fan of DJ Yoda and this mix is very different to any other Yoda mix tapes you may have heard.. this is straight up Yoda club stuff, no gimmicks, simply eclecticism at its best! and what you would hear him play live.. So if you like eclectic music and a fusion of old meets new, this is seriously recommended, as Yoda is a bit of a genre buster and dishes out classic hip hop, dubstep, baile funk, indie, grime, drum n bass, Baltimore and jungle in this monster mash of a compilation! Below is a small snippet of a taster of what to expect from the turntable maestro. Fabric Live 39 : DJ Yoda is available from all good record stores from the 7th April. More info on the compilation HERE.

Ive written about The Ghost Frequency a couple of times now, and its a great pleasure to do so again, especially when the remixes are this hot! Their tongue twistingly titled latest single 'Never Before Have I Seen A Man Alive That Looks So Exactly Like A Skeleton' has been backed with some class remixes by Destroy Disco, Cutting Pink With Knives and the Zombie Disco Squad, and Barney from the band has got in touch with these for you lot to listen to..

Ive been sitting on a couple of great tracks from 3 Is A Crowd for a while now, and with all the struggle of keeping this blog going! I completely forgot to mention them! Well, I will not let these tracks die in a dark corner of my computer, I will bring them to the masses! first up a corking Congorock remix that blows the roof off with its rolling drums and bassline, and 'Guns' a 3 Is A Crowd track with such an anthemic breakdown!

Good pal of the blog Wongo is still going from strength to strength with continuous production and remix work that just keep on coming! Here are some his latest beauties and keep an eye out for plenty more remixes coming soon from Wongo!

Lee Mortimer aka the Sawtooth Sucka, and head honcho of Wearhouse Music has got in touch to bring good news about the label's latest release. Its the Sawtooth Sucka's turn this month to get a spotlight on this rising label's releases. This is a great EP with a good variation of tracks, including a remix from Scott Cooper and my favourite track of the EP 'Backing Town' which uses some real quirky samples which shouldn't work yet brilliantly do! Lee sent round these previews of the EP and check out Junodownload or Stompy for the full 'Don't Forget About Lee EP' by the Sawtooth Sucka which is out now.

Wearhouse Music artist, and Moda resident Scott Cooper has also sent me his latest mix set he has managed to find time to do, between all the production work hes been doing recently including a follow up to his Wearhouse EP (including a HiJack Remix), and remix work for Wearhouse and Jack Union. Check out this great mix for some hot new music we are more than likely to see in the future!

Maral Salmassi - 'Natural Fun (Zero Cash Mix)' //Television Rocks
Mowgli - 'Get Down (Hip House Mix)' //Mantra Breaks
Worthy - 'Copius' //Katabatic Records
Scott Cooper - 'Mad Run (Lee Mortimer Mix)' //Wearhouse Music
Natty Jack - 'Tech Buddy' //Wearhouse Music
Cooper & George - 'Pianoman' //CDR
Sawtooth Sucka - 'Sit Down' //Dotbleep Promo
Southside - 'Jack (Natty Jack Mix)' //Union Promo
Natty Jack - 'Jackin Da Garage' //CDR
Hijack - 'Possesed' //Potty Mouth
Jamie Wamie - 'Pianotight (Lee Mortimer Mix)' //CR2 Promo
Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Vocal)' //EMI
Detboi - 'Gunshot Lean Forward (Jak Z & Andy George Mix)' //CDR
Nic Sarno - 'Elephant' //Jack Union
Hijack - 'Out There' //CDR
Jaksaw - 'Damn' //Union Promo
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Really looking forward to the DJ-Yoda fabric mix. He did this really great mini mix for Annie Mac a while back.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
good job yet again m8

Anonymous Anonymous said...
good music as usual and a nice design !!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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