Fade To Mind

Fade To Mind, the latest label to spawn out of LA thanks to Kingdom and Prince William sees its inauguration today with its debut record from their in house artistes Nguzunguzu hitting the 'shelves' of digi stores across the globe. Its a breathtaking first record, from already established innovators who continue to push on exploring new sounds and production the world is yet to hear and to further impress, Nguzunguzu are the latest act to guest on the XLR8R podcast cooking up a mean mix which you can check out below. The 'Timesup EP' by Nguzunguzu is out now on Fade To Mind with remixes from Kingdom and Total Freedom, and available from Juno or Boomkat.


AraabMuzik "Free Spirit (feat. Beyonce)" (Duke)
Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep (Total Freedom Winter Park Homicide Edition)" (Fade to Mind)
Nguzunguzu "Wake Sleep" (Fade to Mind)
Jodie "Moments in Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)"
Jhene Aiko "Club Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix)"
Nguzunguzu "Timesup" (Fade to Mind)
Nguzunguzu "Timesup (Kingdom Remix)" (Fade to Mind)
DJ Deeon "Everyday"
Yoshi "Deep Inside Me Groove"
Nguzunguzu "Water Bass Power" (Fade to Mind)
DJ Daycard & Djorsen Beats "Mal Konjo!"
Bok Bok "Hyperpass" (Night Slugs)
Nguzunguzu "Vision of Completion"
Jam City "Aquabox" (Night Slugs)
Kingdom "Take Me"
Rizzla "Bandmind HA"
Nguzunguzu "Brass Touch"
Dubbel Dutch "B Leave (Nguzunguzu Remix)" (UTTU)
Ripperman "Bulldog"
Ironsoul "Shut the Door"

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