Brenmar Fader Mix

The Phenomenal mixed stylings of Brenmar courtesy of the Fader this week, dont miss out on this one. "The mix is my vibe, the Brenmar aesthetic put into a mix. House, hip-hop, R&B, bass music, and regional club styles (Bmore, Jersey club, footwork) all on the same mix. A lot of new young US producers on this one and some of my current UK favs. I try to strike a balance between a certain level of accessibility and fun while still pushing new sounds and ideas. I love new music. Can’t forget about the girls either, it always comes back to them. Cause if they ain’t having fun…we ain’t having fun."


Brenmar - Stash In The Dash Intro
Ashanti - Fancy (Brenmar Remix)
Timbaland - Give It To Me Instrumental
Boyz II Men - If I Had One (Brenmar Edit)
DJ Pierre and TT The Artist - U Don't Bang Wit Me
Dubbel Dutch - Fem Pressure
Jim-E Stack - Lemme
Brenmar - If U Want Me
Richelle - I Think Before I Act
Boody B - Swift
R Kelly - Make It Rain Remix
Venice Calypso - Drifting
Champion - Lighter (VIP Mix)
Brenmar - Let's Pretend
T. Williams - 30 Degree
Cedaa - Freon
Brenmar - So High
Dark Sky - High Rise
Destinys Child Vs.Craig David - What's My Name
Getem - Get It In
DJ YayYay - Micro-Chips Instrumental
Brenmar - Waiting On
Jim Jones - Getting To The Money
Kelly Rowland - Motivation Instrumental

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Blogger Bryan said...
This brenmar mix is damn hard, stash in the dash hold two heaters

you knew