Grizzly VS Local Action

Two of last year's standout new-comer record labels, Sinden's Grizzly and Tom Lea's Local Action have joined forces this week to offer a free digital release, putting forward two core artists representing each camp. Melé (Grizzly) and Contakt (Local Action) go head to head remixing each other's latest tracks, Contakt slowing down 'Trappin' to a synth led-bouncer, while Melé goes the other direction upping the tempo of 'Rhodophyta' with scuttling drums pounding at near Juke speeds. 'Mugged' by Melé is out now on Grizzly and available from Juno or Boomkat, and 'Not Forgotton/Rhodophyta' by Contakt is out now on Local Action and available from Phonica or Boomkat.

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