Soul Clap Essential Mix

Its been a little while since there's been an Essential Mix that really takes my fancy, but Radio 1 are right on the money this week with Boston's Soul Clap providing a vinyl only mix of house, disco, funk, hip hop and RnB jams, heres what the duo had to say. "It was 2pm on a sticky miami afternoon at our favorite club in America, the Electric Pickle and all of a sudden... wait, let's start at the beginning of this story. After the initial excitement that we actually were doing an Essential Mix had set in, we spent weeks trying to figure out what ours should actually sound like. We always try to have a theme or a concept to our mixes and of course an Essential Mix has to be the most timeless of all. Finally, we realized that this would be the perfect time to make our first all vinyl mix in years, a great chance for us to let the world know that vinyl isn't dead, but still going strong! It seems like most DJs (including us) make their mixes digitally these days, which makes everything come out perfect (almost too perfect) but mixing vinyl brings the human element back. Besides our DJ sets are 75% vinyl anyway. We've each been carrying bags full of records around the world (its like our cross!) and it's about time we share some of our favorite vinyl only jams, both classic and current, that have been killing it for us over during our shows. So we headed down to the Pickle, fired up the Dynachord system, cracked a couple Coronas and had a good old fashioned mix. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did..." (ge.tt Mirror)

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