That Mystic

Night Slugs have superbly stepped things up this July with not one but two cracking EPs. First off, L-Vis 1990's anthemic 'Forever You' unexpectedly (for me at least!) popped up from nowhere earlier in the month and this week sees Kingdom's debut for the family, as 'That Mystic EP' drops with a big hype filled bang. This EP will certainly please fans of the label, with Kingdom's own NYC style of bass highly complimenting the renowned Night Slugs catalog of releases, feeling right home on this side of the Atlantic. As a free download we have this classic Kingdom refix, which I'll let Night Slugs boss Bok Bok describe; 'Kingdom applies his signature formula, splicing the intro bars into a full new track, refixing it with a diva vocal, extra synths and, bass pulses etc'. 'That Mystic EP' by Kingdom is out now on Night Slugs and available from Boomkat and Juno.

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