Compass / Zahonda

Surprise, surprise, L-Vis 1990 on Electric Zoo. If you are one of the few that is sick of me mentioning this genius then you have a problem. Out this week is his debut on the marvelous Sound Pellegrino, with head honcho Teki Latex finally unleashing L-Vis' eagerly anticipated monsters 'Compass' and 'Zahonda'. This time round, remix backup comes from the infamous Christian Martin representing San Francisco and sticking the Dirtybird stamp all over 'Compass', while London's Greena does his business on 'Zahonda' packing some Funky into this great release. I could go on and on about how great his music is, and how his creativity doesn't stop there, but for now ill just say this: After a disappointing time filled with stagnant fidget and bassline nonsense this year, L-Vis 1990 has given me so much faith in british house music and opened my eyes and ears to so much innovation and creativity thats going on in this country right now, and he is certainly leading the way. 'Compass /Zahonda' by L-Vis 1990 is out now on Sound Pellegrino and available to download from Beatport, check out the fantastic Christian Martin remix of 'Compass' below and if you havent already, L-Vis' own remix of the labels previous release by Gucci Vump.

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