Indie rockers The Heavy are a band which you wouldn't classically pigeon hole as indie music. There are the strong guitar elements you'd expect to hear in their sound but there's a hell of a lot of funk and soul to the tunes this English quartet pump out. Their latest single 'How You Like Me Now?' is the kind of song that would be the soundtrack for a modern day Huggy Bear, all the soul of the seventies with the driving guitars that could power Starsky's Gran Torino straight to 2009. Signed to Counter Records, a sub label of the fantastic Ninjatune, The Heavy have also compiled a superb remix package with fellow west countryman Joker putting his trademark Dubstep spin on the track and a conga-tastic remix from Solo which also comes in Dub form on the record. 'How You Like Me Now?' by The Heavy is out on 31st August on Counter Records.