Grindin July Chart

Grindin Chart - July 2009

01. Fast Life Yungstaz - 'Party Time (Surf Party)'
02. Lemonade - 'Big Weekend (L-VIS 1990 Remix)'
03. Joy Orbison - 'Hyph Mngo'
04. Egyptrixx - 'Just Say Really (Bok Bok Remix)'
05. Riton & Primary 1 - 'Who's There?'
06. Holy Ghost - 'I Will Come Back'
07. Mariah Carey - 'Obsessed'
08. Crystal Fighters - 'Xtatic Truth (Renaissance Man Remix)'
09. Rampage - 'Lovin You Is Easy'
10. Boy 8-Bit - 'Wolfen'
11. Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - 'Moombah (Afrojack Remix)'
12. R1 Ryders - 'Rubberband'
13. MJ Cole ft Digga - 'Gotta Have It (MJ's Funky Dubb)'
14. Rye Rye Ft. MIA - 'Bang (Buraka Carnival Remix by Buraka Som Sistema)'
15. Momma's Boy - 'Give It Up'

The monthly Grindin chart is compiled by the Grindin network. Read more about Grindin here.
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