Inner Time

To long time followers of the blog, Brabe will be no stranger. Since his early days, fusing his classical background with a love for modern music Ive been a fan of this Dutch prodigy, and his tracks always seem to reflect his influences and musical experience down to a tee in perfect composition. Its clear that the early works of Dave Taylor and Trevor Loveys have rubbed off on young Brabe, as he continues to develop the deep house sound that the 'fidget' house phenomenon historically spawned from, staying clear of the over-used samples and techniques that categorise most 'fidget' clogging up our download stores today (That is of course excluding his satirical commentary of the genre, see below). The same quality can be vouched for in his latest EP on Jack Union Records as Brabe delivers a great record full of deep, jacking house vibes just in time for the summer. The 'Inner Time EP' by Brabe is out this week on Jack Union Records and available from Beatport and Juno.

Anonymous onno david said...
I really love how your blog looks. Yes your blog really surprise anybody! Thanks once again. Sounds like a great EP. The HiJack remake is just insane, reminds me of Daft Punk's style. Thanks so much for sharing.