OTB Coming Soon

Craig Walsh the man behind On The Brink Records has just sent over a brand new promo mix for his great label and it looks like they are heading for an awesome of releases. Showcasing some of the labels latest hits and lots of forthcoming material from the likes of Curtis Vodka, Mom & Dad, Detboi plus new signings and Electric Zoo favourites Chesus & Rodski, this isnt one to miss.

Craig Walsh - 'On The Brink Promotional Mix' //


Kill Light - 'Animate'
Mom & Dad - 'Eres Ta'
Kill Light - 'Got Fresh'
Schorschl - 'Take 3 (Schlachthofbronx Remix)'
Sonic 86 - 'Javisst'
Curtis Vodka - 'Lift Me Up (DMX Krew Remix)'
George Lenton - 'Your Love'
DJ Manaia - 'Pull Up'
Sonic 86 - 'Tesco'
Curtis Vodka - 'Jack That Body (Maryland Mayhem Remix)'
Detboi - 'Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & JakZ Remix)'
Kill Light - 'Always Wanted You Close'
Chesus & Rodski - 'Why?'
George Lenton - 'Jungle Whoop'
Devious - 'Untitled'
Anonymous mr.hollyfield said...
hell yea this mix is awesome. ..

really dig this sound