Heavy Like... Concrete

To keep up with my recent rampage of frequent posts, heres a new mixtape from blog star Hostage. Featuring a few of his own recent remixes and some up-front new tracks, Hostage presents us with his Concrete Mix which in his own words has "The tempo, heavy bass and ravey wobbles all set to the ON position". And as a bonus, heres one of his latest concrete creations 'Murder Rocket' as featured on this mix.

Hostage - 'Concrete Mix' //


The Temper Trap - 'Science Of Fear (Herve Remix)'
Rico Tubbs - 'Lumberjack (Calvetron Remix)'
AC Slater - 'No Party For Old Men'
Bit Thief - 'Tidal Rave'
HeavyFeet - 'Killa'
The Prodigy - 'Take Me To The Hospital (Hostage Remix)'
Foamo - 'Wardance'
Milner - 'Freak Nasty'
Blackfinger - 'UMF (Supra1 Remix)'
Hostage - 'Murder Rocket'
Gtronic - 'Iron Man'
Jack Beats - 'What (Foamo Remix)'
La Roux - 'In For The Kill (Hostage Remix)'
Blogger J3Concepts said...
I love that Temper Trap song. Grabbed it on a whim awhile back but never gave it a listen till about 3 days ago on the train. Great find. How have you been anyway mate?

Blogger RJ said...
Hey J! been good mate.. busy as always though.. noticed quite a few more of you designs getting out there!