Sound Of Stereo

Belgian act Sound Of Stereo's second EP, the sequel to their successful debut outing on Lektroluv Records is out next month and the title track 'Heads Up!' is causing quite a storm amongst the likes of Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots and other DJs across the globe. Backed with the remix power of The Bloody Beetroots and the Portugese Kuduro Stylings of DJ Manaia the EP also features artwork by great pal and designer of Electric Zoo's layout J3Concepts. The 'Heads Up!' EP from Sound Of Stereo is out on Lektroluv, landing on Beatport, iTunes and all good record shops from 2nd March, check out the interview below along with two bonus digital remixes available for download now.

Sound Of Stereo Interview

Q: Who are Sound Of Stereo?
A: Sound Of Stereo is 2 guys from Brussels, Belgium. We met two years ago on an internet community where we were diggin' the same music. We started talking and came to the conclusion that we lived only a few miles away from each other. I - Jochen - was already doing some production work and my partner in crime - Vincent - was already deejaying in the neighbourhood. We were both quite good at what we did, but we didn't have a way to promote ourself. That changed when we decided to do stuff together.

Q: You are signed to the famous Lektroluv label, how did that happen?
A: When we first started producing and deejaying together, we put up some tracks on our myspace. The first track was called "Nic Nag" and was discovered by MTV Belgium. They used it in a radiocommercial, and like that we were first discovered by Belgian's radio Studio Brussel. We got a lot of airplay with this Nic Nag track, and even more with our next single Supah Dupah. That last track got spread among loads of dj's and other radiostations and before we know it we got a call from the green doctor (Dr. Lektroluv), asking us if we would be interested in doing a release on his label. Of course we didn't have to think long before we decided to go for it. That's how it happened, basically.

Q: You are soon releasing your second "Heads Up!" EP. What can we expect of that?
A: A lot, hopefully.. hehehe... It contains 4 tracks, two "originals" and two remixes. The "Lazerface version" on the ep is the track that we made first, but since it was a bit too electro-ish and not wobble-ish enough we decided to remake it as a fidgettrack. A good idea if we look at it now: This track really got us started abroad. We met the Bloody Beetroots somewhere last year, and they liked the track so much they made a remix of it. Their fellow Italians, Crookers, also like it so much that they play the original or the Bloody Beetroots remix in every set. Next to the original "Heads Up", the "Lazerface" version and the "Bloody Beetroots remix", there is also the "DJ Manaia remix". Manaia is a really cool guy that we met when we toured Portugal a few months ago. He makes this crazy kuduro-style tracks (something between Buraka Som Sistema and Crookers) and we expect many great things of him in the future!

Q: And after the Heads Up! EP?
A: We are doing some remixes and are already preparing a new EP. We can't give out too much info on that yet, but we can already promise that it's going to be a banger! Next to producing we are also going to deejay a lot the next few months. We have a new tour coming up in Portugal, we have our own parties in Belgium's legendary Culture Club and we are doing some nice festivals this summer. Expect many great things from us. The future is looking bright for Sound Of Stereo, that much is certain!

Q: Why do we have to buy the Heads Up! EP?
A: Because when the break kicks in, everybody is like "woooooooo" and then when we are building the track up again everybody goes like "ooooooohhhhh" and when the climax kicks in everybody goes like "yeaahhhhhhh". No kidding, you should try it for yourself! But be carefull with the Bloody Beetroots remix. It hits hard, very, very hard... As we always say: Wobble wobbles, here comes trouble. hehehe..
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