Slacking Off

Its not very often I get a the chance to put some interviews up on the blog, so Its a nice change to be posting this today. Dem Slackers, Lee Mortimer's latest Wearhouse signings have been put in the spotlight this week to tell you all you need to know about this up and coming production partnership. Be sure to also check out the links below for a taster of their latest remix (Available in 320k/WAV from Beatport today!) and of course their latest mix tape with loads of new tracks to get excited about.


Q: First of all, introduce yourseves. Who are you and where do you hail from?
A: We are 2 guys that were born and still live in Holland and go by the name of "Dem Slackers", you can also call us Kevin and Maris.
We started working together about 3-4 months ago. Our first tune was "The Joker" and we named the second "God Is A Slacker".
Those got picked up by Lee Mortimer for Wearhouse Music really quickly and from that point it all kinda started (it still IS starting tho hehe).

Q: Ive always found it difficult to describe the type of music i follow to people who don't know anything about the scene. Do your best to describe Dem Slackers without using the word 'Fidget'!
A: We really love to party and we're always doing crazy stuff. So we really try to put that in our tunes. I guess it's a mixture of electro sounds, drum 'n bass some b-more and pretty much anything else that inspires us.

Q: So this new Remix of 'Jakk'd N' Screw'd' is you first official release, tell the readers a little bit about what you've been up to before this?
A: Well, as I said before it all started with us signing tracks to Wearhouse. After that we got alot of remix requests and labels asking us for originals.
Right now we've got originals forthcoming on Wearhouse Music, Tokyo Dawn, Bmkltschrcrds and 2 other big ones that need confirmation.
As far as remixes go, we did some for Tokyo Dawn, Pivital Records, Bmkltschrcrds, Satans Circus and we're also remixing a track for Wearhouse.
We really love collaborations, we did this first remix release with great producer + awesome guy "Mom & Dad" and we're also doing a remix for one of his tracks with our good friend "Edu K". "Aniki" and us are also working on an EP together. Oh yeah check out our first mixtape for the voulesrandom blogspot with lots of exclusives in it!

Q: What kind of musical background do you guys have, and do you think they show in your productions?
A: Kevin: I've been really into music for a long time now, I started out playing the guitar but decided that the whole digital thing was more my cup of tea.
Been listening to all sorts of things, but mostly hip hop, rock and dance of course. A few years back I was a really big fan of the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" I also listend a lot to dutch hip hop. Oh yeah and I got to give my respects to "Jive Jones" and "Smash Mouth" those 2 names are the ones I listend to when I was a kid haha.
Maris: I experimented with a couple of instruments when I was younger, started out with a keyboard but found that I wasn't so good at it. So I started playing the drums, which was way more fun because of the banging 'n smashing! I cant really give you a decent answer on the band/artists question.. I love all sorts of music as long as it makes me feel good ghehe.

Q: Which producers are you into right now? who inspires you the most?
A: Kevin: I've been really into "Designer Drugs", not at all the kinda music that we make but I really just love their tracks.
I also really like the stuff that Edu K and Mom & Dad are doing. Lee Mortimer also is a big inspiration!
Maris: Bass weazel is the thing for me right now! I must have played that MGMT - kids remix like 80 times since I got it haha!. But one thing
that keeps inspiring me is this dutch group called Nobody Beats The Drum. Just because of their original style! And of course all of the names mentioned earlier.

Q: What are your top 3 tracks at the moment?
A: Hmm... well I guess something like this right now although it changes up a lot.
MGMT - Kids (Bass Weazal & Mikey Hook's Cut 'n Pasted Remix)
Calvertron - Doggy Style
Sound Of Stereo - Heads Up (Mightyfools Remix)

Q: Any tips on any Producer friends Electric Zoo readers should look out for?
A: Edu K, Mom & Dad, Aniki, Bass Weazal (gonna be huge) and Bombermen are a few.

Q: Whats next for Dem Slackers?
A: Well I hope we can really get our name out there in 2009 and start doing some international gigs! So bookers if you want you can send your requests to demslackers@gmail.com haha :D


Rubix - 'Baiser Sur La Disco (Original Mix)'
Bird Peterson - 'Twurk Central (Original Mix)'
Warboy - 'London's Getting Dirty (Jackinori Mix)'
B. Rich feat. Whiskey Pete - 'Ain't Here To Party (Breakdown Mix)'
Hot Chip - 'Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Mix)'
Dem Slackers - 'Snail Trail (Original Mix)'
Edu K Vs Scott Cooper feat. Lella - 'Doo Dah Dub (Original Mix)'
Boemklatsch - 'Bonafied (Dem Slackers Mix)'
Stereo Heroes - 'Poundcakes (WWF Promo Version)'
Wolfgang Gartner - 'Flashback (Original Mix)'
MGMT - 'Kids (Bass Weazal & Mikey Hook Mix)'
D.I.M. - 'Is You (Original Mix)'
Calvertron - 'Doggy Style (Original Mix)'
Jon Kennedy feat. Mr Eyez - 'Jakk'd 'N Screw'd (Dem Slackers VS Mom & Dad Remix)'
Calvertron & Kieran Brindley - 'Stumble (The Bulgarian Mix)'
Sound Of Stereo - 'Heads Up (Mightyfools Mix)'
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