Making An Example

West London rapper and MC Example has thrown his old formula out of the window for a brand new mixtape full of electro, house, garage, bassline and dubstep beats but strangely, not a single hip hop track to be heard! Yes, Example is back and has now signed to Data Records, and is currently working on his second album with a huge lineup of producers including Herve, MJ Cole, Chase & Status, Don Diablo and Calvin Harris with first single from the album 'Girl Can't Dance' getting released in May. Check out the tracklist and download the free 'Credit Munch' mixtape below to get a taste of what Example has got in store for us in 2009.


'DJ Wire's Space Odyssey Intro'
Example - 'I Dont Want To (Jack Beats Remix)'
Example - 'Pink Notes (Produced by Chase & Status)'
Mason - 'Exceeder'
Example - 'Not From France (Produced by Don Diablo)'
Justice VS Simian - 'We Are Your Friends'
Example - 'Cheaper Thrills (Herve Bootleg)'
Beatseeker feat. Example - 'Baby Do You Want Me?'
Example - 'Last Night' (Chew Fu Remix – Example Bootleg)
Crystal Waters - 'Gypsy Woman'
Example - 'Girl Can’t Dance (Don Diablo Remix)'
Booka Shade - 'Body Language'

A1 Bassline ft. Example - 'Its Not Ova'
Example - 'So Many Roads (Herve Remix)'
Devils Gun feat. Example - 'Don’t Be Shy'
Underworld - 'Born Slippy'
Example - 'Dirtyface' (Bart BMore Bootleg)
Simian Mobile Disco - 'Hustler'
Example - 'We Came, We Saw, We Killed The Crowd (Don Diablo Hooligans Bootleg)'
Prodigy - 'Smack My Bitch Up'
Example - 'Bodyrockin (Produced by Don Diablo)' VS Example - 'Posh Birds'

MJ Cole - 'Lifesaver' VS Example - 'Loud'
Project Bassline - 'Drop The Pressure'
Example - 'Something In The Water' (Produced by MJ Cole)
'Pirate FM (Interlude)'
Colours - 'What U Do'
Jammin - 'Kinda Funky'
DJ Narrows - 'Saved Soul'
DJ Wire - 'Believe Me'
DJ Shorty - 'Friction'
Rusko - 'Mr Chips'
DJ Wire - 'This Is Not The Fire (Dubstep Remix)'
TC - 'Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)'
Lily Allen - 'The Fear (The Count Saves Lilly From The Fear Remix)'
Example - 'You Can’t Rap' VS Subfocus - 'Timewarp'
Example - 'Girl Can’t Dance (Chase & Status Remix)'
Lomax - 'Artisan VIP'
TC - 'Game Over'
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