Wongo Time

First of all apologies for my absence the last couple of weeks, i could go on and on with excuses but I won't. As soon as Ive caught up with my backlog of emails and MP3s Ill get another bumper post up, but in the meantime my good pal Wongo has put together an exclusive live 30 minute mix for Electric Zoo. Some hot new stuff along with some originals from the boy in here, and he's also sent over this exclusive unreleased track 'Mondays' for you guys.


01. Jacob London - 'Return To Squirrel (Little Fritter Mix)'
02. Wongo - 'Made This'
03. Clark Able - 'Ghetto Slut Bunny'
04. Brabe - 'Hold You Here (Oliver $ Mix)'
05. CSS - 'Music Is My Hot Sex (Switch Remix)'
06. Lenny T Ice - 'We Are I.E (Hijack Mix)'
07. Jak Z & Cooper - 'Move Your Body'
08. Foamo - 'Movin It Over Here (Nick Supply Mix)'
09. Wongo - 'Everday I'
10. Wongo - 'Mondays'
11. Rene Van Munster - 'Working Title'
12. Wongo - 'Work This'
13. Nic Sarno - 'Gulliver'
Blogger Unknown said...
heeeey, Wongo is da MAAAN n' i'm glad u back Ry!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
wongo is kickasssssss
we love his stuff