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Last week saw Lee Mortimer put out yet another fine release on his Wearhouse Records imprint. The man himself put on his Sawtooth Sucka costume for WEAR007 , and has been backed up with remix talent from Moda main man Andy George and Zodiac Cartel. Mr Mortimer has hit the nail bang on the head with title track 'Letting Go' using a classic Tina Moore 2-step sample thats only further blown up by some amazing fidget production, and fellow Wearhouse artist Andy George's take on the track is very Hyper as the name suggests with one heck of a downtempo break! The 'No Letting Go EP' by Sawtooth Sucka is out now on Wearhouse Records and available from Juno Download.

The La Mode DJs have dropped off their latest remix offering in my mailbox this week, an almighty mash up mix of P Diddy's (If he's still using that name??) anthem 'Bad Boy For Life', that main riff was just asking for a remixing wasnt it, but dont worry theres plenty of the original track left in for full effect!

René van Munster has yet another release out this week on new label Two Tracker Records. The 'You Like EP' features tracks 'You Like' along with a remix of the title track from The CTL and new track 'Woop Woop Samba Time' as a Beatport exclusive, and René has also sent over this latest remix he has done for Napsugar. 'The 'You Like EP' by René van Munster is coming soon on Two Tracker Records and a high quality version of his Napsugar remix is available to download on Beatport now.

DJ and Producer Sexual Chocolate from has got in touch with some great new stuff from himself and his new label which he owns and operates, Junky Trunk Records. Heres some impressive tracks from the Chicago based DJ/Producer and check Juno Download or Beatport for more.

Heres the latest from Backstreetboystotalrudeghettodancingclub. What!?!?! I hear you say... thats the full name but their more than happy just using the abbreviated version BSBTRGDCLUB. Based outta Montreal, Canada, these guys hit me up with their latest track and a remix they have done for The Fire And The Reason.

Cream Ibiza resident Andy Mac has sent over a new track he's just finished. Hes done a number of tracks already along with Cassette Jam, but this is his first solo effort 'Rock And Groove' check it.

Mystery Jets' latest album has definetly been a success already, and working with Erol Alkan in the studio was definetly a good move for the band (Could it be a bad move for anyone??). All singles so far have been well recieved and got a lot of radio play, and like with their previous album which had tracks remixed by Justice and Riton to name a few, their latest has gathered a lot of attention in the world of dance and electronic music too. Of course Dave Taylor blew things up earlier this month with his take on 'Hideaway' and now upcoming talent Plimsouls has worked his magic on their latest single 'Two Doors Down'. 'Two Doors Down' by Mystery Jets is out on June 2nd and their album 'Twenty One' is out now on SixSevenNine and available from all good record stores.

Mystery Jets - 'Two Doors Down (Plimsouls Remix)' //679

Edu K has a couple of great remixes doing the rounds right now, this guy is definetly putting alot more time into music production these days and its definetly paying off and you can tell his sound is definetly progressing. As well as this epic mash up of tracks hes also remixed the latest from Cowgum.

Here's a new artist for you all to check out. Eater is based in Italy.... and has so far done some remixes of Tronik Youth, 3 is a crowd, Moulinex, Jamie Lidell and a couple of original productions of his own.

Next track of the post comes from across the pond, The Golden State of California where Groundfloor has been developing his own wonky house productions.

Ground Floor - 'Front To Back' //

Lastly heres a couple of mixsets to tide you over until my next post then. First up the latest mixtape from Cardiff based Skinny White Boys, check out their Facebook Group for more info.

Moby - 'I Like To Move In Here (Crookers Bass In Here Mix)'
Count Of Monte Cristal - 'Dibby DJ'
KRS One - 'Sound Of The Police (Krames Remix)'
Souljah Boy - 'Crank Dat (Dave Nada Remix)'
Brick N Lace - 'Never Never (Switch Remix)'
MOP - 'Ante Up (Tittsworth Remix)'
Voodoo Chilli - 'Big Byrd'
Ron Carrol - 'Nike Song (The Count & Sinden Mix)'
Edu K - 'Sex-O-Matic (Chesus Lords Mix)'
Sneaker Pimps - 'Sugar Daddy (Twocker Mix)'
Bird Peterson - 'Twurk'
Mystery Jets - 'Hideaway (Switch Remix)'
Crookers - 'Love To Edit'

And secondly there's the latest promo mix from Budapest, Hungary's own Headshotboyz. Check out their MySpace to have a lsiten to more awesome remixes from the lads.

Headshotboyz - 'Balkan Powa'
Deadmau5 - 'Reward Is Cheese (Jon Kennedy Remix)'
Hostage - 'Sneakcharmer'
South Rakkas Crew - 'Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix)'
Headshotboyz - 'Lava'
The Touch - 'Maximization Nation (Trevor Loveys Remix)'
His Majesty Andre - 'Girrrl'
Nic Sarno - 'Watch This (HiJack Remix)'
The Shangri-Las - 'Leader Of The Pack (DJ Kue Remix)'
Headshotboyz - 'Exodus'
The Futureheads - 'Worry About It Later (Switch Remix)'
Aston Shuffle - 'For Everyone'
Randy Brusetto, JR From Dallas - 'Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer'
Jokers Of The Scene - 'Juggle It (William Russell Remix)'
Beastie Boys - 'Intergalactic (Man Eat DJ Remix)'
The Count Of Monte Cristal - 'Bounce That Ass'
Headshotboyz - 'Bring Me Sunshine'
DJ Kue - 'Lovers Break'
Late Of The Pier - 'The Bears Are Coming (Partyshank Remix)'
Primary 1 - 'Hold Me Down (Foamo Remix)'
Purple Crush - 'Shopping on the Dancefloor (AC Slater Remix)'
René van Munster - 'Grasscourt Blues'
Bryan Cox - 'Let's Go To Work (Headshotboyz Remix)'
Bryan Cox - 'Get Nasty'
Morrit & Queen Bea - 'Watch Out For This Girl (B Rich Remix)'
Horny United - 'Crazy Paris (Klaas Remix)'
Stereoheroes - 'Clark Kent'
Missy Elliott - 'Lose Control (Headshotboyz Remix)'
Bryan Cox - 'Her Face'

Blogger Loco said...
YEEEEE! I've been a longtime reader of this blog and have always been happy with your taste. Thanks for kicking ass! The bay area needs more wobble wobble and fidget madness for sure!


Blogger Break said...
woohoo finally one of your awesome long posts with a shit load of music!!!
just in time for my plane ride to houston too

Anonymous Anonymous said...
such a good post, chock full of tunes!

Blogger Mogues said...
I feel like a kid at Christmas, excellent post.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is one of the best promo comps in a long time. Brilliant.