April Chart
Top 10 Chart 03/04/08

01. Boy 8-Bit - 'Fogbank' //Trouble & Bass
02. N*E*R*D - 'Everybody Nose (Phra Edit)' //CDR
03. The Count & Sinden - 'Stinging Nettle' //Domino
04. Curses! - 'What I Need (The Bulgarian Remix)' //Trouble & Bass
05. Idiotproof - 'The Deacon (Duke Dumont Remix)' //Made To Play
06. Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Dub)' //EMI
07. Emily Karpel - 'Tipa (Edu K Tel Aviv Delight Mix)' //CDR
08. René van Munster - 'Feed Me' //Prompt Digital
09. Mr.Elastik - 'Justice (Mowgli Remix)' //Sokolov
10. Primary 1 - 'Hold Me Down (Foamo Remix)' //CDR
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Loved The Edu k One!!

Blogger Unknown said...
Roisin Rawks - check out her interview at www.electroqueer.com

Blogger Doe Deere said...
Hey there!

I'm Doe Deere, the Disco Diva from Brooklyn, NY. I'm 98.7% sure you'll want to blog about me and my music ;-P