You Nose Me Better

of Crookers fame has been in touch about some of his latest exploits, along with Bot they have just recently finished a highly successful Australian Tour and have now gone straight back into the studio for a number of projects including remixes for Radioclit, Busy P and 3 remixes for Moby!, and even another full EP which will be released by Southern Fried including a collaboration with Kid Kudi. But for now this will have to satisfy your Crookers hunger, Phra has a done an awesome job here with his own edit the new N*E*R*D track 'Everybody Nose', this just blows up the best parts of the track and is gauranteed to destroy the dancefloors!

So soon after his previous EPs mention in the last post, René van Munster has been back and dropped off some tasters of yet another forthcoming EP he has lined up! The 'Feed Me EP' is gonna be out this month on Prompt Digital LA.

Clark Able's latest EP 'Lemon head' is very close to getting its release after a few minor setbacks. Out on ESP Records this highly anticipated release comes backed with awesome remixes from fidget house heavyweights Crookers and HiJack. He was also kind enough to send over his remix of When Saints Go Machine's track 'Kids On Vacation' for you guys to have listen too!

I really should have mentioned this next record quite a while ago now. Its been in my charts for some time and has gathered a lot of attention recently, I am of course talking about Róisín Murphy's latest single 'You Know Me Better'. This has just been released on multiple formats including remixes from Toddla T, Nightmoves, Samim Guy Williams and Trevor Loveys all delivering something for everyone's tastes. 'You Know Me Better' is out now on EMI available on multiple formats from Juno and Phonica.

UK Grime pioneer Dizzee Rascal's 'Sirens' from latest album Maths & English is set for its US release on Def Jux this month, and were also treated to a couple of extra brand new remixes too! The Acid Girls Remix is set to be included on the release, and heres a bonus remix from LA's Black Lights.

Last track of the day was sent by good friend and loyal follower of Electric Zoo, Brazilian Baile-Funk Guru Edu K. He has done a smasher of a remix for Tel Aviv based artist Emily Karpel, and has even done guest vox on the track himself!

You guys in the capital this week have some great nights of music ahead of you. First up on Wednesday (9th April), is Troublestock at The End. Troublestock was organised by Chew the Fat in aid of its founder and breakbeat pioneer, Paul ‘Trouble’ Arnold, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in the closing months of 2007 and upon hearing the news, many of the world’s finest DJs have leapt at the opportunity to help out their friend who has done more than almost anyone in helping establish breakbeat as the major player it is today in dance music. The night is hosting a huge lineup of DJs including Plump DJs Vs. Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts Vs. Freestylers, Evil Nine Vs. Elite Force in the main room, James Zabellia Vs. Nic Fanciulli, Paul Woolford Vs. Yousef, Rob Da Bank and more in Room 2 and wonky house heroes Speaker Junk, Count Of Monte Cristal, Sinden and Kissy Sell Out preparing to pack out the dancefloor in the lounge, this may well be the gig of the year.
Also this week Fabric has a monster of a night lined up with Annie Mac hosting Room One with guests Sam Sparro, Ajax, Yuksek and Blaise Bellbille. Stanton Warriors, BBC Soundsystem (XXChange, Devlin & Darko), Duke Dumont & Patchwork Pirates will be rocking Room Two, while Filthy Dukes, The Black Ghosts, Skull Juice & Joe Ransom take control of Room Three. Definetly a good week to be in London guys!

Lastly to round the post off heres a new mix set from Cologne's Pierre LP, with the newest in Baltimore/Fidget/Nu Rave/Electro/Rock.

Pierre LP - 'Yeahh Wohooo! Mix' //

Lex Da Funk - 'All About You (Brabe Dub)'
Alphabeat - 'Fascination (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix)'
Sawtooth Sucka - 'Depressed Mode'
Ghostface Killah - 'Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix)'
The Stereos - 'I Really Love You (NiteCourt Remix)'
Kanye West - 'Stronger (A-Trak Remix)'
Kid Sister - 'Pro Nails'
Jackson 5 - 'I Want You Back (Chew Fu Big Room Fix)'
Ron Carrol - 'Walking down the Street (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix)'
Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden - 'Beeper (Fake Blood Mix)'
Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden - 'Beeper (Detboi Remix)'
OH SNAP!! - 'Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)'
Hot Chip - 'Over and Over (Diplo Mix)'
M83,AphexTwins,PierreLp - 'P.Likker.Wife (pierre-s-mashup)'
Boy 8-Bit - 'Fogbank'
The Bulgarian - 'Crass Shuffle'
Solid Groove - 'This is Sick (Yeah! Woho! Remix)'
Brabe - 'Nascosto'
Underworld - 'Boy Boy Boy (Switch Remix)'
The Mystery Jets - 'Hideaway (Switch Remix)'
Randy Brusseto, JR From Dallas - 'Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Boy 8 Bit - 'Suspense Is Killing Me (MotG Extended)'
DJ Yoda & Herve -- 'Bonus Beats'
Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull - 'Center Stage'
South Rakkas Crew - 'Mad Again (Diplo Edit)'
Princess Superstar - 'Bad Babysitter (Shir Khan Remix)'
Modjo - 'Lady (Mano Remix)'
Hollertronix - 'Groove is in the Dick'
Feist - '1234 (My!Gay!Husband! Get Up Kid Edit)'
Kanye West vs. Heavyfeet - 'Good Life'
Justice - 'DVNO'
Kissy Sell Out - 'Blink It Up'
Brabe - 'Dérive'
In The Club - 'Turn You On (Mowgli Remix)'
Wongo - 'Never Ready'
Wongo - 'The Charlie Brown'
The Bulgarian - 'Dot Coza'
Róisín Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)'
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loving the dizzee rascal and n.e.r.d. reedit

cracking tunes!


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Blogger Alejo said...
thanks for supporting the lee mortimer remix for jr from dallas! more fidget to come from Union Recordings stay tuned!

Blogger teenagewolf said...
new jak-z minimix up on tejanoboune.blogspot.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...
phra/crookers copycat copycat copycat copycat


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At Scion Radio 17 they’re doing it big in ’08.
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