Electric Zoo Mixtape Volume 3

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M.O.P - 'Ante Up (Tittsworth Remix - Intro Re-Edit)' //CDR
Nifty - 'Nifty' //Atlantic Jaxx
Afrika Bambaataa - 'Funky Heroes (Acapella Edit)' //ZYX
Kid Sister - 'Damn Girl (Scratchapella Edit)' //Fools Gold
DJ Sega - 'Bodies Hit The Floor' //Hollertronix
Bobby Peru - 'For My Bleeps' //20:20 Vision
Soft Tigers - 'Mr Ice Cream (Waxmaster Remix)' //Bang Gang 12 Inches
Clark Able - 'Lemonhead (HiJack Remix)' //ESP
Clark Able - 'Lemonhead (Crookers Remix)' //ESP
Midfield General - 'Disco Sirens (Boy 8-Bit Remix)' //Skint
Geoff K - 'Jack It Up (HeavyFeet Remix)' //Junky Trunk
Sawtooth Sucka - 'Backing Town' //Wearhouse
Riva Starr - 'Scratch N Itch' //Southern Fried Records
Ron Carrol - 'Walking Down The Street (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix)' //CDR
Fagget Fairys - 'Samo Ti (A1 Bassline Remix)' //Palms Out Sounds
Inner City - 'Big Fun (Excerpt)' //Ten Records
South Rakkas Crew - 'Get Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)' //Mad Decent
Count Of Monte Cristal - 'Bounce That Ass' //Cheap Thrills
Fake Blood - 'Fake Blood Theme' //Counterfeet
ACDC - 'Thunder (Crookers Remix)' //CDR
HeavyFeet Ft. Switch MC - 'Sick Like That (Santiago & Bushido Remix)' //Potty Mouth
The Chemical Brothers - 'Boot It Again (Mowgli Remix)' //White
The Whip - 'Trash (Crookers Remix)' //Southern Fried Records
Jamie Wamie - 'Pianotight (Lee Mortimer Remix)' //CR2
Roisin Murphy - 'You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)' //EMI


Anonymous Anonymous said...

j3 artwork looks well slick too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Ry, mix looks amazing as does the blog facelift and art!! Can't wait to have a listen!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
been a reader for a minute now and i very much enjoy your taste, mixs, hype, and artwork. Can't wait to listen to the mix! KEEP UP THE SUPER-PECTACULAR-XITING WORK!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ryan, this mix is amazing.
My favourite blog by a mile and the new layout and art is amazing! Awesome stuff.

Blogger RJ said...
yo appreciate all the comments so far guys, appreciate them!

Blogger thewiggler said...
Great track selection -- loved the Inner City/South Rakkas mashing. Definitely my most frequently checked blog!

I wrote a .cue file for the mix, available: http://www.zshare.net/download/9106327878b190/

Just make sure the mp3 filename is changed to: "electric_zoo_the_mixtape_vol-3.mp3" and everything should work.

Blogger RJ said...
thanks daniel, was actually meaning to do something like that! cheers