Doc Daneeka

Ive heard some brilliant Welsh bass music so far this year, almost shockingly good stuff that I could never have imagined spawned from my own homeland. You've probably had enough of me harping on about the C.R.S.T lads, so here's a little bit on Swansea resident (almost within an arms reach from myself) Doc Daneeka. FACT Magazine were spot on when predicting Mial Watkins as one to watch for 2010, and following his appearance on Fabric's marvelous Elevator Music compilation hes generated nothing but hype, success and a string of fantastically percussive and funky tracks and remixes. Next up for the Doc is his debut record the 'Deadly Rhythm EP' dropping on May 24th, providing the first release for PTN an offshoot of the infamous RAMP Recordings (Check out the Preview here), with records from Hackman and Breach to follow. If that wasn't enough he is starting up his own label, Ten Thousand Yen with some very tasty 10" releases on the way from Venom & Damage, Julio Bashmore and a huge favourite of mine 'Baduka' from fellow countrymen C.R.S.T. While we anxiously wait for these top records, have a taste of some these older choice Doc Daneeka cuts and hear for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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