RIP Dress 2 Sweat 2007-2009

This month saw the wonderful release of Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990's joint effort 'Night Slugs EP' on Dress 2 Sweat, but sadly this is to be the labels' final release, as Dress 2 Sweat are set to join forces with Wireblock and Stuffrecords transforming into super label Numbers. To celebrate the end of one era, and the start of a new one Dress 2 Sweat boss man Jackmaster has released a special mix (You may already have a copy on CD if you purchased the 'Night Slugs EP') highlighting the catalog of great releases Dress 2 Sweat have put out in their short but fulfilled life. The final Dress 2 Sweat release, the 'Night Slugs EP', is available now on vinyl and download and be sure to check out the new Numbers website for their future plans.

Jackmaster - '60 Minutes Of Dress 2 Sweat' // ♫

Rod Lee – Let Me See What You Workin’ With (Rustie Remix) (DTS008)
Kazey + BulldogBallin’ (DTS010)
Rod Lee – Oh Yeah (DTS011)
Kazey + Bulldog – Big Truck (DTS004)
Kazey + Bulldog – Big Truck Pt. II (DTS010)
DJ Tameil – I Get Money (DTS003)
L-vis 1990 – Playing With Knives (We almost released this)
Kazey + Bulldog – Sweet Harmony (DTS004)
Bok Bok – Ripe Banana (DTS012)
L-vis 1990 – Hide (DTS012)
Dikulous – You Know What To Doo (DTS001)
Kazey + Bulldog – Snap Yo Balti (DTS004)
DJ Tameil – Back That Thang Up (DTS003)
Kazey + BulldogFo Da Real G’s DTS010)
Tactic – Can’t Juke Without Me (DTS-XXX)
Rod Lee – Understand (DTS002)
MOVES!!! – Promise (We almost released this)
Bok BokNNTF (DTS012)
Piddy Py – Prickly Rose (DTS007)
Piddy Py – Giggle Riddim (DTS007)
MOVES!!! – All Skate VIP (w/ DZ Remix) (Original mix appears on DTS009)
Rustie – Throw Some D’s (DTS001)
DJ Deeon – Like We Do (DTS006)
DJ Deeon – The Chase (Demo)
Pistol PeteKnuck If You Buck (DTS001)
Rustie – Lean Wit It (DTS001)
DJ Deeon – Put It In Yo Mouth (DTS006)

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