Switch Returns

Not that he's been away, but he has been too busy with all that Major Lazering recently. To long time readers, this will come as no surprise, but I'm a huge Switch fan, so I was absolutely delighted to see a brand new remix crop up thanks to good pals Discodust this week. As part of the latest Scion AV release Switch has remixed 'The Fall' by The Toxic Avenger, with one damn right cheeky bitch of a teaser. This track simply builds and builds, only to drastically fall back to its basics and take you on that ride up yet again, with a personally welcome sound that is reminiscent of some of Dave Taylor's earlier grooves from his Solid Groove days. Acid Girls are also along for the ride providing more electro grooves and enough cowbell to suffice on B-side track 'любовь навсегда'.

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