Too Hotz To Handle

Today I just want to spread the word on the Flamin' Hotz Record Club. Fellow Grinder, Blogger and Label Runner Casi has impressed many a music fan with his genre defying record label Flamin' Hotz delivering cutting edge House, Electro, Kuduro and Baltimore from the likes of Bird Peterson, Cobra Krames, and Curtis Vodka. What better way to experience this impressive label than by joining the Flamin' Hotz Record Club, for just $10 a month you will get 10 records over the course of the year limited to 1000 pressings only, along with plenty of bonus swag like, stickers, exclusive digital downloads, demos and remix packages. To give you an idea of what to expect, Flamin Hotz are currently working with Proper Villains (Electro Bmore reworks), RCMP (Philly NuDisco), Bonjay (Hybrid Dancehall) and Tambo D2 (Pocketknife and Cousin Cole). Head over to the official Flamin' Hotz Record Club Page now for full information on how to be a part of this exclusive deal.