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Hey readers! sorry again for the delay between updates, I wont bore you with excuses, just get straight into the tunage. First up is this wicked new N*E*R*D edit from no strangers to the blog Sydney's Destroy Disco. Destroy Disco's debut EP 'Fly & Bounce' is out now on Secure Recordings including remixes from Jokers Of The Scene and Bart B More and is available on Beatport.

Fine Cut Bodies' new track 'Beaver Blink' delivers this tasty bit of tech-house for the peak-time hours. This latest single on Chi Recordings is backed with heavyweight remixes from Luke Solomon and Zodiac Cartel with a version thats unfriendlier than the original, although viciously hides the melodic bits of it. 'Beaver Blink' by Fine Cut Bodies with remixes from Luke Solomon and Zodiac Cartel is out soon on Chi Recordings and will be available on Beatport.

Montreal's BSBTRGDCLUB have been back in touch with a steady stream of productions finding their way into my inbox. I highly recommend these guys, their tracks and remixes continue to impress me as does their improvement and development with each track. Check out these latest pounders from BSBTRGDCLUB and check out their MySpace for even more downloads.

Next month sees a new release on Craig Walsh's label On The Brink Recordings. Affie Yusuf's 'Ebony Acid Crash EP' features three brand new tracks from the Machines Don't Care star and a remix from DJ Mayhem. The EP is out on August 4th and available from Juno Download and look out for more forthcoming EPs on On The Brink from future artists Curtis Vodka, Raffertie and A1 Bassline!

As for the fidget maestros in the UK, Josh Harvey and Graeme Sinden have just released their Machines Don't Care Album, collaborating with Trevor Loveys, Drop The Lime, Detboi and more, but thats old news. Still to come is the longplayer from The Count & Sinden on Domino Records, showing the broader tastes of the duo, along with their forever barrage of remixes they seem to pump out weekly!

Heres a booty from Junky Trunk Records' Sexual Chocolate. The man has formed a fidgetastic bootleg by fusing together G-Unit with his own beats. Hearing is believing! check it out.

James Amato's Potty Mouth Music is also continuing its success this year with yet more releases in the pipeline. The latest to drop was the 'Dirt Driver EP' by Australia's Klaus Hill featuring 2 brand new tracks and a remix from fellow Potty Mouth artists HeavyFeet, and in the future look out for his remix of 'Piano Man' by Moda's Scott Cooper and Andy George which is also forthcoming on Potty Mouth. The 'Dirt Diver EP' by Klaus Hill is out now on Potty Mouth Music and available to download now from Beatport, and keep and eye out for more from Potty Mouth with forthcoming EPs from Adam Bozzetto, MightyFools and Santiago & Bushido VS DJ Fame.

To round of the post heres a couple of great new mixes ive been sent over the past couple of weeks. First up is from a youngster from the big smoke. 18 year old cntrst has sent this excellent eclectic summer mixtape in which covers everything from hip hop, dubstep, baltimore, fidget and bassline amongst other things! Well worth a listen and will definetly be on my stereo this summer!


Marlena Shaw - 'California Soul (Diplo Remix)'
Black Grass - 'Set It Straight'
Soul Torino Orchestra - 'Soulburger (DJ Tib Remix)'
DJ Shepdog -'Jah Wish'
Parker - 'Western Soul (Beathoven Remix)'
All Good Funk Alliance - 'Weakness Of A Trade'
Nick Thayer - 'Get Up (Edit)'
Little Boots - 'Meddle (Toddla T Remix)'
Roots Manuva - 'Buff Nuff'
Bird Peterson - 'Bills'
Santogold - 'Creator'
Eryka Badu - 'Honey (Seiji Mix)'
Tes La Rok - 'Up In The VIP'
Cotti - 'The Search'
Sukh Knight - 'Jinglist'
Alias - 'Enough (Bombaman's Talking Shit Remix)'
Joker - 'Snake Eater'
Sukh Knight - 'Born Invincible'
Magnetic Man - 'Ligma VIP'
L-Vis 1990 - 'Change The Game'
Estaw - 'Dope Boy'
N.E.R.D - 'Everybody (Douster Remix)'
Voodoo Chilli - 'Streetplayers'
Chavy Boys of London - 'Request Line'
Capture The Castle - 'Comeonbaby'
Lil' Bo Tweak - 'Dub Be Good'
Goon & Koyote - 'Keep Dancin'
Cap n' Harry - 'Take Me B'
Boy 8-Bit - 'The Cricket Scores'
Jak-z - 'Far Out'
Kelevra - 'Grab Ya Funkstick'
Don Rimini - 'Rave On'
Fake Blood - 'Mars'
Machines Don't Care - 'Afro Jacker'
Detboi - 'Jump Up Jump Down'
DJ Rampage - 'Fuck What You Heard'
Destroy Disco - 'Fly Or Bounce (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)'
Chrome Hoof - 'Tonight (The Count Of Monte Cristal's Ghetto Sax Mix)'
Leon Jean-Marie - 'Bring It On (Rusko Remix)'
Martyn - 'Broken'
Burial - 'Shell Of Light'

Next up is an epic mash up of a mixtape from Edu K and Man Recordings to promote his European summer tour! There are still a few dates (listed below) if you want to catch the man live on the tour, If you cant make it check out this mixtape instead, so impressive!

July 17th - Copenhagen, DK, Rust
July 19th - Grafenhainichen, DE, Melt!Festival

July 23rd - Berlin, DE, NBI

July 25th - London, UK, The Egg

July 26th - Moscow, RU, 16 Tons


Crookers Vs. AC-DC Vs. Bititchy Records Vs. Gaiola Das Popozudas - 'Solteira Thunder Trouble (Edu K RMX-Mash)'
Crookers Vs. Soulwax Vs. Flo-Rida Feat. T-Pain - 'Low Knobbers On Krak (Edu K RMX-MASH)'
Andy George Vs. Jak-Z Vs. Detboi Vs. Mike Dunn Vs. MC Copinho & Valeska - 'Solta Essa Porra Gunshot Muthafucka (Edu K RMX-MASH)'
D'explicit Vs. Mowgli Vs. As Tchutchucas - 'Quebra No Funk n' Boot It Again (Edu K RMX-MASH)'
Edu K Feat. MC Gi - 'Tamanho Eh Documento'

Lastly heres a mixtape from Patchwork Pirates who will be playing at FabricLive this Friday in Room 3 alongside Sinden, Boy 8-Bit and Starkey, while Room 2 hosts live performances from Annie, Das Pop and more, and Room 1 hosts Kill Em All with The Whip, XX Teens, Riton and more. Check the FabricLive website for the full line-up.


Joker - ‘Snake Eater’
Twista - ‘Pimp Like Me’
Benga - ‘Crunked Up’
Stylo-G Ft. Icekid & Sickman - ‘My Yout’
Sukh Knight - ‘Born Invincible’
Wonder - ‘God’s Gift Intro’
Dr Dre Ft. Eminem - ‘Forgot About Dre’ (Kraddy Remix)
The Colonel - ‘Ruckus’
edIT - ‘The Game Is Not Over’
Hovatron - ‘Made You Look’
Modeselektor - ‘Hasir’
Cabin Bwoy - ‘Flip Mode Selektor’
DJ Deeon - ‘Sexual Eruption’ (Juke Mix)
DJ C & Zulu - ‘Body Work’ (Chrissy Murderbot’s Body Juke Remix)
Lil Wayne - ‘A Milli’ (Thunderous Olympian’s Juke Down)
Lil Wayne - A Milli’ (Starkey Remix)
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wow... your back...
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