Home Remedies

Markus Garcia, (previously half of the much adored duo LOL Boys) has slowly been unleashing his latest creations as new alias Heartbeat(s) over the past 8 months, culminating in a debut album 'Home Remedies' which has just dropped on Vancouver based tape label 1080p. Penned as 50% Avant Garde Techno and 50% Booty Bass, 'Home Remedies' is a nostalgic look of Garcia's spectrum of influences, everything from Southern Rap, Skate Punk, UK Garage and the back catalogues of Dance Mania and Traxx. Those of you with the vintage Hi-Fi capabilities can grab a copy on cassette from 1080p Here, or the majority of you I suppose can always download from Juno now, and listen to the album's beautiful closing track '(We) Knew All Along' in full below.

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