Reeling Skullways

Bass Clef is one of those artists that's long deserved an LP, and its something masses of fans have been craving for the past few years too. Unlike a lot of his previous releases, which have always packed a short but mighty punch, Ralph Cumbers has a lot more space to explore with this LP allowing him to push out into other directions. Not to say that 'Reeling Skullways' doesn't pack a punch, it still sits comfortably at home on Punch Drunk, the highly claimed Bristol based label knowing for nurturing and releasing those punches, but with that extra time and space Bass Clef creates something special here, a very melodic, original, and natural sounding album. There's a clear variation of tracks progressing through the album, which it makes feel so much more of a complete and polished package, and the textures used throughout fill this record with soul while still keeping Bass Clef's hard edge intact, complimenting it if anything. 'Reeling Skullways' by Bass Clef is out now on Punch Drunk and available from Juno or Boomkat.

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