LOL Boys x Frite Nite Podcast

First notable mixtape the year comes in thick and fast from LOL Boys, and their podcast for Frite Nite. Keep close watch of the LOL duo this year with a Hot City collab and EP on Friends Of Friends incoming soon this year.


Maelstrom – 'House Music'
Familjen – 'After 808'
Goldffinch – 'Funky Stepa'
Kuba Soka – 'Can’t Stop (Acid Mix)'
Hot City X LOL Boys – 'Whitney (Jus Some Shit)'
Babe Rainbow – 'Greed (LOL Boys Remix)'
Jon Convex – 'Pop That P'
Hot City X LOL Boys – 'Hot Boys'
Glass Actor – 'Apeirophobia Part 2'
F – 'Slow Down'
Floyd Campbell – 'Multipass'
Tevo Howard – 'Intersection'
Prince Club – 'Love Strong'
Grown Folk X LOL Boys – 'Ghostpath'