RIP Acid Girls

Greg Bowler and Jamie McNeil have sadly announced the end of Acid Girls this week, a name that has been all too familiar with electronic music fans and music blog followers in general for the past 5+ years. For those of you who need schooling, Acid Girls originated as a DJ/Production duo in tandem with one of the few early Music Blogs that influenced many other like minded and enthusiastic music lovers (myself included) to do the same and in process help revolutionize the way people discover, listen and obtain music. Sadly their discography never grew as big as their reputation as DJs, but to end the era they are giving away a sort of Album That Never Was to say goodbye. Acid Girls content and mixes aren't hard to find on the web, so Ill leave you with a link to their 'RIP Acid Girls' collection, and a personal favorite. RIP Acid Girls.