Warn U

Following on from great successes of previous records from Holy Other, Balam Acab and Clams Casino, Brooklyn's addictive and tantalising Tri Angle Records are set to release 'Warn U' by another inscrutable act; Ayshay. Ayshay (aka Fatima Al Qadiri), a modern day Renaissance Wo-man who dabbles in music, video and fashion, originally kicked up a fuss last year with her 'Muslim Trance' original mix, goes on to release new record on this month backed with this stonking mix of the title track from NY arty beatsmiths Nguzunguzu who have gone on to remix the entire EP in a 12 minute spectacular. 'Warn U' by Ayshay is out on Tri Angle Records and available from your favourite stores in all formats from the 26th September.

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