The Renaissance Man Project

Keen followers of Renaissance Man will be all too aware of their forthcoming debut LP 'The Renaissance Man Project', an album full of unreleased and unheard material which is due out shortly on Tiga's Turbo Recordings. Those not aware, I suggest you download their latest mix sharpish to get yourself prepared. Since their first release 'Spraycan' on Dubsided back in 2009 the two former architects have successfully transferred their engineering skills to sound, and this on point latest mix for Resident Advisor proves they are just as capable behind the decks as they are in the studio. 'The Renaissance Man Project' by Renaissance Man is out on Turbo Recordings in October.


Ragnar Grippe - 'Ten Temperaments: 2'
Ike - 'Ribbons'
DJ Hell & Anthony Rother - 'German Bodymachine'
11:11 - 'Tourist Trap (Renaissance Man Remix)'
Unique 3 - 'Weight For The Bass (3 Ton Edit)'
Michna - 'Redline Flights'
Tevo Howard - 'Spend Some Time (Underground Mix)'
Martyn - 'Masks'
The Swiss - 'Double Or Nothing (Renaissance Man Remix)'
5 Mic Cluster - 'Basildon Lover'
Aquarius Heaven - 'Universe'
Renaissance Man - 'Stalker Humanoid'
Dexter - 'Space Booty'
Instra:mental - 'User'
The Other People Place - 'Let Me Be Me'

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