Ratcatcher's Rhythmic Impulses

You probably all know Ratcatcher better as Rodski, formerly of C.R.S.T, well this latest project of his has seen him go it alone with some fantastic deep and percussive house masterpieces, many of which are still freely available on his Soundcloud. Not strictly sticking with the solo route, Ratcatcher also has some impressive collaborations to his name with a glorious house/funky masterpiece thanks to a team up with Lokiboi, and of course a previous collab with Doc Daneeka 'Copz' which was out on PTN last year. So recently hes been locked in the studio, refining his sound and has put together this mix to show us what hes all about and where hes going, and its sounding amazing dig in!

Ratcatcher - 'Rhythmic Impulses Mixtape'

Boards of Canada - Ready Let's Go'
Tortoise - Ten Day Interval'
Manitoba - Lemon Yoghurt'
Crystal Fighters- 'At Home (Ratcatcher Re-Percussion)'
Ratcatcher - 'Chlorophyll' 
Martin Kemp - 'Fix'
T.Williams - 'Hard Cash'
Marlon D - 'Trust The Drum (Main Mix)'
Ratcatcher - 'The Journey To Stone Island'
Doug Willis and Joey Negro - 'Dougswana (Audiowhores Beats)'
Ratcatcher - 'Rain'
Kenny "Dope" Gonzales - 'Watch This'
Pearson Sound - 'Wad'
Ratcatcher vs. Lokiboi - 'Untitled' 
Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist - A Manatee Dance
Avey Tare and Panda Bear - 'Everyone Whistling'
- 'Capoeiristas'
? - ?
? - ?
Doc Daneeka - 'Diwali Rhythm'
Bob Holroyd - 'African Drug (T. Williams Mix 2)'
Steve Reich - 'Drumming (Ratcatcher and Robert Pike Re-Edit)'
- 'Amsterdam Riddim (Ratcatcher End of the World Mix)'

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