LOL Boys Kick Out The Jam

EZ favourites LOL Boys have just done the latest podcast for Kick Out The Jam an impressive and seamless trademark blend of cumbia, 3ball and a few diva house anthems to spice things up. Things are really gonna kick off for the duo this year with some great records soon to come on Discobelle, Palms Out and Truants.


01. Boyfriend – 'Baltoji Varnele Edit (CDR)'
02. Munchi – 'Hope (T&A Records)'
03. LOL Boys – 'Sweet Cinnamon (CDR)'
04. Heartbreak – 'My Grown Man Shit (M4 EP)'
05. LOL Boys – 'Aisle Seat (Forthcoming Discobelle Records)'
06. LOL Boys – 'Runaways (Forthcoming Discobelle Records)'
07. LOL Boys ft. Teki Latex – 'Modern (Forthcoming Truants Records)'
08. Destiny’s Child – 'For Da Girls (K2 Re-Edit) (K2 Edits)'
09. Gucci Vump – 'Shashtilism (Erick Rincon Remix) (CDR)'
10. DJ Javier Estrada – 'Eclipse (CDR)'
11. Julius Sylvest – 'Djemba (CDR)'
12. Munchi – 'Hope (LOL Boys Remix) (Forthcoming T&A Records)'
13. 702 – 'Steelo (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke Remix) (CDR)'
14. Mackpaye – 'Fragrance (12-3 Recordings)'
15. Waya Waya – 'Nomada (Self-Release)'
16. XXXY – 'Ordinary Things (Ten Thousand Yen)'
17. Deborah Cox – 'It’s Over (Dubbel Dutch Refix) (CDR)'
18. Art Nouveau & LOL Boys – 'Air France II (Demento Mori)'
19. LOL Boys – 'Nomads (Forthcoming Cool Records)'

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