Breton's productions, a slick operation of audio/visual experimentation, are gathering quite a following be it their genre-splicing music fusing brooding hip-hop sounds with speedy Foals-esque guitar riffs, innovative remixes or short films catching the eyes and ears of many. December will see the release of their 'Counter Balance EP' on Hemlock Recordings, a label known for discovering talent having previously released  game changing debuts from James Blake and Fantastic Mr Fox headed by label boss Untold, one of the biggest innovators in UK music right now. The digital release will feature 5 original tracks, with the 12" sporting 3 choice picks of the 5. 'RDI' is available to download below, and be sure to check your favourite stores for the 'Counter Balance EP' by Breton from December 6th.


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Blogger NewIslands said...
great blend of influences creating something completely new!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
awesome track