The Hum / rrrr

When two great producers join forces in the studio its always a treat, more than one head can bring fresh ideas, or duos can share their expertise with some impressive results (Roska & Untold's recent collab is a fine example), when those two producers are Bristol's Dubstep veteran Peverelist and rising star Hyetal the resutls are incredible. Sometimes its takes a newcomer with fresh ideas to refresh the veteran's output, in this case Hyteal's kaleidoscopic synthesis paired with Peverlist's deadly junglistic rhythms are the ingredients combined to make this a very welcome EP on Bristol's Punch Drunk. 'The Hum / rrrr' is out 18th October on Punch Drunk and keep eyes open for the forthcoming 'Worth The Weight' Punch Drunk compilation showcasing the best of the label, available next month.

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