While the difficult pronunciation of their name may draw a few dislikes, NGUZUNGUZU's music on the other hand is easy to love and with a mere single Free EP and just a handful of remixes, the fans continue to increase in their masses. This following will be happy to know, and are more than likely highly aware that NGUZUNGUZU's official debut EP 'Mirage' is released next month on Silverback Recordings. A highly anticipated debut from an exciting act, following the footsteps of brethren like Kingdom and Brenmar with their own US take on the Funky, Grimey, Bass genre of House music. Below is a portfolio mix in which NGUZUNGUZU promptly show us exactly what they are all about, and what to expect from the new EP. 'Mirage' by NGUZUNGUZU is out on Silverback Recordings and available from th 11th of October.


NGUZUNGUZU - 'Got U (Physical Therapy Moments In Samba Edit Ft. Twista)
DJ K. Millz - 'All The Way Turnt Up'
DJ Phinesse - 'Let The Horns Blow'
DJ Emaci - 'De Outros Tipos 2010'
Wacha - 'Scratcha'
DJ Fraga - 'Racha 2010'
NGUZUNGUZU - 'Rec Loose'
Ciara - 'Lose My Mind Freestyle'
Pelican Fly - 'Bendin'
The Phantom - 'Girl (Brenmar Remix)
Sam Sparro - 'Pink Clouds (Nguzunguzu Remix)'
NGUZUNGUZU - 'Spittin N Riddim'
Benny Stixx - 'Hambonez'
Cooly G - 'Up Phat Si'
Kingdom - 'Pang'
Sgubhu Sa Pitori Ft. Tamar & Kgaugelo - 'Drums And Toms'
The Dream - 'Sex Intelligent'
Lil Silva - 'Pulse VS Flex'
CNDO - 'Durban Funk'
P.O.S - 'Built From Scratch'
Teengirl Fantasy - 'Cheaters'

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