George Fitzgerald

George Fitzgerald is an artist I have been anxiously waiting to drop some records. His most notable track to date, 'Don't You' was quickly snapped up by the enigmatic Joy Orbison for his own Doldrums imprint, but its Hotflush who have won the race to get Mr Fitzgerald's work available to the public. Its obvious why Orbison was so keen to sign up George, as this release 'The Let Down' picks up exactly where 'Hyph Mngo' left off, using emotional, sultry vocal moans to engage the listener deeply with the track's subtle stabs and enveloping bassline, hardly a Let Down!. B side 'Weakness' uses much of the same template substituting the vocal lead with male croons, and a far more upbeat vibe despite the misleading title. 'The Let Down' by George Fitzgerald is out now on Hotflush and available from Juno.

The Let Down by George FitzGerald

Weakness by George FitzGerald

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