Toronto based fashion house Handsome Clothing Co. have started a new series of mixtapes via their blog and first up is the ever so in demand right now Dubbel Dutch. Double D brings his custom blends of Funky, Rave and Bass to this mix, forcefully initiating this now promising mix series. Eyes also should be kept open for Dubbel Dutch's 'Throwback EP' which has been doing the rounds in various high calibre mixtapes, and is forthcoming on Palms Out Sounds.

Dubbel Dutch - 'Rhapsodic Volume 1' //


DJ Pierre - 'Feeling on Me '
Rob Threezy - 'Let's Go Ravers'
Silkie - 'Quasar (Dubbel Dutch Edit)'
J -WOW - 'The Rattle'
Roulet - 'Kitamanda (Girl UNIT Remix)'
FBOM & Outlaw - 'Pedicab Ride'
Egyptrixx - 'Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix Ft. Shyvonne)'
Urban Shakedown Ft. Micky Finn - 'Some Justice'
Sekta - 'Deep In The Woods'
R.I.P. Productions - 'Ooh Yeah'
Wiley - 'Shots'
Aaliyah - 'R U That Somebody (Brenmar Windy City Mix)'
Caliber Productions - 'Don't Be Fooled'
DJ Cabos - 'Snapduro'
R1 Ryders - 'Karnifour'
J-WOW - 'Diva (W.O.W. Mix)'
Pony Pony Run Run - 'Walking on a Line (French Fries Mix)'
Dev79 - 'Live N Die For Tha Street Bass (Mele Remix)'
Brackles - 'Lizards'
Brenmar - 'Heavy Pockets'

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