The Bells Sketch

James Blake is an artist that's rapidly gaining a lot of praise and adoration around these parts. His music is refreshingly different and isn't easily defined, but has reviewers clutching at the sounds of Dubstep, Hip Hop and IDM when attempting to describe his works without pigeonholing such a unique sound. On top of such sublime and mind bending production is Blake's secret weapon; his vocal talents, which he lends to his tracks adding soulful, melodic coos and pitch bent chants to form his trademark sound (He also performs vocals with fellow act Mount Kimbie for their live shows). Initially backed by Untold's Hemlock Recordings, with his first EP 'Air & Lack Thereof' breaking the mould of dubstep, something Untold is quite keen on himself, leading to Blake re-enforcing his sound with a follow up remix on Hemlock's later release 'Stop What Your'e Doing'. This month sees his 2010 blast off with a new EP on Hessle Audio, 'The Bells Sketch' a continuation of his warped sounds that are impressing the dubstep heads and more left-field listeners alike. Not only that, as part of a joint effort with Airhead, he also has another special edition 10" 'Pembroke' out on Brainmath this week which isn't one to be overlooked. As a preview of some of James' Blake's work check out this short guest performace below which he did for Gilles Peterson Worldwide late last year. 'The Bells Sketch EP' by James Blake is out on Hessle Audio on 1st March, and 'Pembroke' by Airhead & James Blake is out now on Brainmath and available from Juno.

James Blake - 'Performance On Gilles Peterson Worldwide (08/11/09)' //


James Blake – 'Limit To Your Love'
James Blake & Mount Kimbie – 'Untitled'
Mount Kimbie – 'Maybes (James Blake Remix)'
James Blake – 'Buzzard & Kestrel'
James Blake & Mount Kimbie – 'I’ll Stay'
James Blake – 'The Bells Sketch'
James Blake – 'Unluck'
Nick Sigsworth – 'Fens'
Bon Iver – 'The Wolves (Act I and II)'
Airhead – 'Walden'
The XX – 'Intro (Airhead Remix)'
James Blake – 'I Never Learnt To Share'


Blogger Gosh Damn said...
Surprised and happy to see Bon Iver sneak into that mix. Versatile.

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