Radio 1ski

Here comes more new stuff from On The Brink's latest signings, Chesus & Rodski. The Cardiff/Barry Duo recently did a live guest mix on Bethan Elfyn's 'Introducing' Radio 1 show, showcasing lots of their latest tracks, remixes and edits. As a bonus heres their remix of Paper Route Gangtaz' 'Hood Celebrity' and Ive been told theres plenty more projects in the pipeline to look forward too.


01. Chesus and Rodski - 'Doobiemore'
02. Benga - '26 Basslines (Chesus and Rodski 26 Waistlines Remix)'
03. Chesus and Rodski - 'Luchinimore'
04. Chesus and Rodski - 'Whyyyy?'
05. PRGz - 'Hood Celebrity (Chesus and Rodski Remix)'
06. Chesus and Rodski - Still C.H.E
07. Mat Can't/Scattermish - 'Raw Raw (Chesus and Rodski Remix)'
Blogger Scattermish said...
yo ryan,
the track listed by me and mat is actually by paz -
Paz - Raw Raw (Chesus & Rodski Remix)