The Joker

Dem Slackers' latest EP has just been released on Wearhouse Music drumming up tonnes of support from Crookers, Tommie Sunshine and fellow label family acts Bass Weazal and Mightyfools. With 2 new tracks 'The Joker' and 'God Is A Slacker' this fine release also comes backed with remixes from Edu K and Wearhouse head honcho himself Lee Mortimer. 'The Joker EP' by Dem Slackers is out now on Wearhouse Music and available from Beatport today.

Dem Slackers - 'April Promo Mix' //


Dem Slackers - 'The Joker
Bombermen - 'Alcatrax Vol 4 (Dem slackers Remix)'
Dem Slackers - 'Illindian'
Dem Slackers - 'God Is A Slacker'
Dem Slackers - 'God Is A Slacker (Lee Mortimer Remix)'
Dem Slackers - 'Snailtrail'
Kidsister - 'Family Reunion (Dem Slackers Shit Loads Below Zero Mix)'
Headshotboyz - 'San Frandisco (Dem Slackers Remix)'
Will Bailey - 'Krusher (Dem Slackers Remix)'
Mightyfools - 'Amsterdam (Dem Slackers Remix)'
Dem Slackers - 'The Joker (Edu K's Bad Boy Stomp Remix Ft. MC Gi)'