April Chart
Electric Zoo Top 10 Chart 16/04/09:

01. Oliver $ - 'Watcha Gonna Do' //
02. Magik Johnson - 'Stick 'Em' //Southern Fried
03. AC Slater - 'BanGer (Clark Able AK-47 Remix)' //Party Like Us
04. Acid Girls - 'The Numbers Song' //
05. Afrojack - 'Polkedots' //
06. Boy 8-Bit - 'Baltic Pine' //
07. Hostage - 'Massive' //
08. PRGz - 'Hood Celebrity (Chesus and Rodski Remix)' //
09. Dem Slackers - 'The Joker' //Wearhouse
10. Fatboy Slim - 'The Rockerfellar Skank (Riva Starr Remix)' //Skint
Anonymous Anonymous said...
can you begin to explain the appeal of the oliver $ track?! i saw it on the grindin' top 15 and i'm absolutely baffled how it made best track of the month. i dunno, is this #1 by song quality or reaction it gets from an audience? i highly doubt the latter...

Blogger RJ said...
all about quality for me... this aint one to get a huge reaction from most crowds.. just such a greet deep techy tune