Wongo's Working It

That's right, my boy Wongo has a brand new EP out on the one and only Jack Union Records! Featuring brand new tracks 'Work This' and 'Get Out Your Grill' plus a remix from the Wearhouse master that is Lee Mortimer. The EP is out now available to download from Beatport so be sure to head straight over there after checking out the previews below! Wongo is also in the UK right now playing at Disturbed Beats this Friday, March 6th with HiJack and Nelly be sure to check them out if you're in the Middlesbrough area!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yo yo,
The "Get Out Your Grill" link, links to the "Lee Mortimer Remix" - can you update the link?

Blogger RJ said...
sorry about that. link fixed now