Trav & Volta

I must admit this week has been all about rediscovering tracks for me. A-Trak's latest Fabric mix had been on repeat since it plopped on my doorstep last week and he sure did enlighten me with some really great tracks that I had somehow forgotten. Anyway, i recieved an email to further induce my state of nostalgia from a new duo of Elektrophonik residents from Swindon that go by the name of Trav & Volta. Hosting the likes of Herve, Rico Tubbs & Lee Mortimer, the pair have also dabbled in a little production, here with a couple of flashback tracks that send me back to my teens. I just had to add in 'Tobacco Ties' too, a personal highlight from that A-Trak mix that just sends me to space everytime.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
aaah i remember rocking spaced invader like crazy back in my badboybill days