Bulgarian Back In The House

The Bulgarian has taken a time out from working his arse off in the studio to send over his latest mixtape, his first 4-deck outing bringing you 36 tracks in just under 70 minutes. You want to keep your eyes and ears out for The Bulgarian over the next month with a South African tour kicking off this week and a brand new release 'Crazy Dog Biscuit' Featuring Spoek on his new Label Feta Recordings.

The Bulgarian - 'February Feta Fix Mix 2009' //


Monophonique - 'Hear Me (The Bulgarian Remix)'
The Bulgarian - 'Midnight Light'
Analogue - 'Crystal Gypsy (The Bulgarian Remix)'
Bird Peterson - 'Pete Goes Off'
Thomas Schumacher - 'Picanha'
Pase Rock - 'Get Money kids (Nacho Lovers Walk Remix)'
Dj Dan - 'Annihilated (Dopamine Peak Time Remix)'
Tom Real - 'Loud and Clear'
The Bulgarian - 'Bark of The Demon Dog'
The Bulgarian - 'Jack It Like A Zombie (Adam Bozzetto Remix)'
The Bulgarian - 'Six War'
Colette - 'Running Around (Santiago & Bushido Remix)'
Rico Tubbs - 'Lumberjack (The Bulgarian Remix)'
The Bulgarian - 'Mooov Your Body'
The Bulgarian - 'This Is How (KiNK Remix)'
The Bulgarian - 'Don't Stop The Bomb'
Dj Alex Kidd - 'Rockin Down (Dirty Remix)'
Solo - 'Afreaka'
Wasabi ft Rochelle - 'Dirty Disco Lovr (The Bulgarian Remix)'
Solo - 'Midgets in Bricklane'
Will Bailey - 'Dutty Clem (The Bulgarian Remix)'
Tom EQ - 'Off Limits'
Santiago & Bushido - 'Second Nature'
The Streets - 'Get Out of My House (Chew Fu Re-fix)'
Tom EQ - Skewer '(Kyle Watson Remix)'
The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - 'Crazy Dog Biscuit'
Wonk - Nasty Dog '(The Bulgarian Remix)'
The Bulgarian ft Oh Snap! - 'Check to Check Millionaire'
Affie Yussef & Trevor Loveys - 'Insects'
Steve Smooth & JJ Flores ft Colette - 'Stay (John Dahlback Remix)'
Bass Weazal - 'Break The Bomb (Respect to Kenny Dope Remix)'
His Majesty Andre - 'Peep Thong'
Prince - Controversy '(Stupid Fresh RMX)'
Huun-Huur-Tu & Bulgarian Women's Choir - 'Deep In The Heart of Tuva'
Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence (Chew Fu Re-Fix)'

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This mixtape really is tha bomb..